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Short note:

In order to be efficient in PvP as in Elite Raids you will need short commands to get all the information quick and simple. Using Teamspeak┬│ at the same time is mandatory. It would be best if your mic is active as well.


spotted - you have seen the enemy however contact isn't happening at once
incoming - enemy is within everyone's fire range

taking cover - hiding behind obstacle
changing position - hiding behind another obstacle within range
closing in - suppression fire needed ( team mates ) advancing to enemy
flanking - trying to get side or behind of the enemy while suppression fire is done
fall back - all retreating and taking cover further away from enemies
need back up - you are in danger and need help
armor ( name ) - requesting armor healing
res ( name ) - requesting revive
regroup on ( name ) - reuniting the group everyone close to each other
clear - area or room has been fully checked no enemies within this area

suppression fire - for either changing position, closing in, taking cover, fall back or flanking

boss - boss enemy yellow
elite - elite enemy purple
heavy - heavy armored enemy

get ready ... charge - getting ready for combined attack ( combo )

Additional note:

For certain commands a respond from either the team or team mate is needed. Depending on the situation it will either be:

rgr ( roger ) - team mate(s) confirm(s) and ready
on it - armor send or reviving

Don't worry this will all become natural over time.

Kind regards

NAP admin
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