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A little background story about us:

2014 Toawoo and I decided to create this clan mainly for PvP purposes. We were a, around 100 men strong, well known Pro Gaming Clan within Star Trek Online.

Training was basically everyday 4 - 6 hours. So we know how to work as a team and win as a unit. We had guys from all over the globe. Usually in the evening was our time to team up and compete in PvP, doing elite raids and practice of course. ( CET time )

We always had one goal: Give all you got even if its not enough this time!

A few years later Star Trek Online decided to ignore the PvP players and ruined the game PvP wise so much ( Pay2win instead of skill ), that we stopped playing.

As life continues a lot of us stepped down and dealt with real life. On the other hand the gaming industry didn't give us a reason to continue until now.

Finally we have 2 ( 3 ) games we are excited about and eager to try them out.

Having fun and still being serious if needed is what we aim for now.

Thats it from me. Hope you enjoy games with us soon.
Kind regards

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